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In 1964 Isaac Asimov Predicted What Life In 2014 Would Be Like. Here's What He Said
"[T]he most glorious single word in the vocabulary will have become work!" in our "a society of enforced leisure." Open Culture 01/01/14
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Why Is "No" Among a Child's First Words?
"The seemingly simple word has a nuanced series of functions that children somehow master early on. In fact, no is among the top 10 or so words that English-speaking babies say when first beginning to talk ... By the way, yes doesn't even crack the top 20." - Slate 12.30.13 (podcast)

Can-Do Culture Versus Can't-Do Culture
"The trouble with innovation is that truly innovative ideas often look like bad ideas at the time. That's why they are innovative -- until now, nobody ever figured out that they were good ideas." - recode 01/01/14

What We Still Don't Know: Why Sleep Matters
"Sleep deprivation is nearly as misunderstood as sleep itself, but it can physically and mentally harm people in myriad ways." - The Atlantic 12/30/13


South Africa Shrugs as Performance Artists Try to Turn It Avant-Garde
"Performance artists confront an extra dose of bewilderment in South Africa, a nation less accustomed to the whimsical world of public and performance art than the U.S. or Europe." - The Wall Street Journal 12.27.13

Coughing As Performance Vandalism
"In this anything-goes age, it seems as if coughing in concerts is fast becoming one of the last universally reviled forms of high-culture hooliganism." - The New York Times 12/31/13

The Turing Test And Spike Jonze's "Her"
"To those who would argue that a computer's demonstration of humanlike behavior is hardly enough to make it legitimately 'conscious', Turing responds that the same can be said of human behavior ... Belief in the minds of others is just as much of a leap as love is. Following Turing's logic, Twombly is not a solipsist for getting emotionally involved with his O.S.; he'd be a solipsist not to." - The New Yorker 01.01.14

The Sweet Science of Punch Sound Effects
"What is the sound of one hand punching? It depends what movie you're watching." It could be a human body part, a turkey, pizza dough, a watermelon, or dry pasta shells. - The Wall Street Journal 01.02.14 (includes sound files)

Chinese Movie Business Zoomed In 2013
"China's movie box office topped $3.6 billion in 2013, up about 27% over 2012, with home-grown fare drawing particularly large crowds and driving down Hollywood's share of the market." - Los Angeles Times 01/01/14

Pussy Riot Documentary Pulled From Russian Screening Following Threat
Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer was to have its first showing in Russia last Sunday at Moscow's Gogol Center. Then the authorities telephoned on Saturday afternoon. - The New York Times 12.29.13

The Hidden Workshop of Expert Piano Craftswomen
A visit to an out-of-the-way atelier in Florence where an all-female team restores historic fortepianos. - The Wall Street Journal 01.01.14

The 20 Most-Pirated Musicians Of 2013
Although these year-end numbers show piracy is alive and well, BitTorrent piracy has been in decline in recent years, Musicmetric EVP Daniel Savage tells Billboard. "Previous research that we've done indicates that the increased availability of music via streaming is a contributing factor." - Billboard 01/02/14

So Where Are We On A New Business Model For The Music Business?
"There is a disconnect between an external perception which is still [us as] a cartoonish baddy, versus what we have done over the last 10 years. We have really matured, grown as a business, we have added skill sets from outside. All this soul searching, all this disruption has had a positive upside." - BBC 01/01/14

What's Killing Contemporary Music?
The idea that "the audience does not matter as much as "the music," and that considering the audience as an essential part of music composition is tantamount to pandering." - NewMusicBox 01/02/14

Winton Dean, World's Top Handel Scholar, Dead at 97
He was known as an astute critic and a historian of Beethoven and Bizet, it was "his series of books on Handel ... completed when he was 90 - that indelibly lingered and really mattered." - The Herald (Scotland) 01.01.14

Lawyer Fined For Outing JK Rowling Pseudonym Last Year
"Chris Gossage of London law firm Russells Solicitors -- which represents Rowling -- told a friend of his wife that the "Harry Potter" creator was author of "The Cuckoo's Calling," published last year under the name Robert Galbraith. The friend tweeted the information, and it was followed up by the Sunday Times." - Yahoo! (AP) 01/02/14

In 1964 Isaac Asimov Predicted What Life In 2014 Would Be Like. Here's What He Said
"[T]he most glorious single word in the vocabulary will have become work!" in our "a society of enforced leisure." - Open Culture 01/01/14

Sherlock Holmes Now (Partly) In Public Domain in U.S.
"A federal judge has issued a declarative judgment stating that Holmes, Watson, 221B Baker Street, the dastardly Professor Moriarty and other elements included in the 50 Holmes works that Arthur Conan Doyle published before Jan. 1, 1923, are no longer covered by United States copyright law, and can therefore be freely used by others " - The New York Times 12.27.13

Is the Future of Printed Books as Luxury Art Objects?
"As e-books are stripping down to the bare-bones of what is actually book-like, physical books are growing more sumptuous and fetishistic." - Salon 12.29.13

Postcards From Antartica's Poet-in-Residence
"The National Science Foundation sent Jynne Dilling Martin to Antarctica this winter (the austral summer) as an artist-in-residence. [Here] are two poems she wrote from there." - Slate 01.02.14

Turkey's High Court Suspends Obscenity Case Against Translator of Apollinaire
Having previously reversed (on odd grounds) an acquittal of the translator and publisher of Apollinaire's Exploits of a Young Don Juan, the Turkish High Court of Appeal chose to punt. - CEATL 12.27.13

West End Theatre Where Ceiling Collapsed Closed For Additional Week
"Performances of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at the Apollo Theatre have been cancelled for an extra week until January 11." The auditorium ceiling at the Apollo fell in mid-performance on December 19. - The Stage (UK) 01.02.14

Will the Closing of "Spider-Man" Hurt Nearby Businesses?
"When Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark goes dark for good at the Foxwoods Theater [in Manhattan] on Saturday, just how much dimmer - and for how long - will the immediate neighborhood be?" - The New York Times 01.03.14

Cincinnati Art Museum Director Stepping Down
"Aaron Betsky is leaving his post as director of the Cincinnati Art Museum after seven years in the job." Says the board chairman, "It's time to give someone else a chance. He has done an incredible job and gotten done what he set out to do." - The Cincinnati Enquirer 01.02.14

The Ten Worst Things In Art In 2013
"From war in Syria and Mali to labor problems at museums in the Gulf and the panopticon of government surveillance, these are some of the awful things that impacted arts and culture in 2013." - Hyperallergic 01.01.14

Why Are Museums Wasting So Much Energy On Technology?
"This obsession with new technology is based on the patronising belief that engaging the public means geeing them up and making the museum experience 'fun-filled' and purposefully 'enlightening'. Even more pernicious is the belief that grabbing the young, before they know any better, will create future audiences." - spiked 12/17/13

Lawsuits Mount Over Faked Art
"It has become clear that some of the forged works remain in museum storage, that two were returned to the gallery and that the whereabouts of many more are unknown. Some of the duped buyers are taking action: three new lawsuits have been filed, bringing the number of ongoing civil cases to eight." - The Art Newspaper 01/02/14

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